24 May 2013

Chocolate postage stamps

Belgium has released a set of special stamps that smell and taste like chocolate!
Bpost, the Belgian post office, has printed more than 500,000 delicious, lip-smacking stamps to celebrate the country's famous chocolatiers. The delectable stamps are printed on special paper "imbued with the aroma of cocoa" and coated in a special coat that looks and smells like chocolate. 

Each stamp features a chocolate treat so you’re given a visual representation of what you’re tasting – it would make me send more letters anyway.

Interesting way of thinking about stamps. I have some similar stamps from Ukraine, they smell like fruits. But here, they say it also tastes like Chocolate. That could be good for those who are on a diet :) low calories chocolate! I think it´s funny.

The series of five stamps cost €6.20 and they were released on March 25th.

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