23 June 2013

Discover Romania - Transylvania

Surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania- Terra Ultrasilvana or “the land beyond the forests” - is the territory where the Dacian state, ruled by King Burebista, experienced the most prosperous period in the history of the Geto-Dacians and, at the same time, by its organisation and expansion, it laid the foundation of the future Romanian territories.

Issued 15. March 2013 the stamps show as follows:

Fortified Church from Viscri (Brasov County)

Guest House from Valea Zalanului (Covasna County)

Landscape from Hosman (Sibiu County)

Saint Mihail Church from Cluj-Napoca (Cluj County)

Thanks to Viridian who is keeping up the good job with Sunday Stamps. I am glad I could take part this time too. Do you want to see more churches and castles? Take a look at her Blog.

Live healthy

Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamps issueLive healthy!, thus adding a new set of stamps to the topic initiated in 2012, which suggestively illustrates the natural resources that should lie at the basis of a healthy nutrition, such as: honey, walnuts, peanuts, wild berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries) and cinnamon.

Looks pretty nice, isn´t it? It is a perfect sheet for food-stamp-lovers. And I love honey too. 
I don´t have to do a research for this one, everybody is already familiar with nuts, berries and cinnamon.
Issued 13.06.2013

24 May 2013

Chocolate postage stamps

Belgium has released a set of special stamps that smell and taste like chocolate!
Bpost, the Belgian post office, has printed more than 500,000 delicious, lip-smacking stamps to celebrate the country's famous chocolatiers. The delectable stamps are printed on special paper "imbued with the aroma of cocoa" and coated in a special coat that looks and smells like chocolate. 

Each stamp features a chocolate treat so you’re given a visual representation of what you’re tasting – it would make me send more letters anyway.

Interesting way of thinking about stamps. I have some similar stamps from Ukraine, they smell like fruits. But here, they say it also tastes like Chocolate. That could be good for those who are on a diet :) low calories chocolate! I think it´s funny.

The series of five stamps cost €6.20 and they were released on March 25th.

11 May 2013

Children Games 1960

For today's theme at Viridian´s Sunday Stamps I have chosen some old stamps from Romania.
They represent quite nicely the way children used to play in small villages: skating on frozen lakes, swimming in summer, playing rounders or sleighing.
I find this set a nice one, especially these days when children don´t play that much anymore outside, it´s good to remind their parents that there are much healthier ways to spend the day than watching TV or playing games on computer. It´s up to each of us to teach them something from our childhood.
So here are the stamps:

They are not that accurate as today´s stamps, but let´s don´t forget they were printed in 15 Oktober 1960 :)
What did you used to play as a child?

26 April 2013


On the occasion of celebrating the World Intellectual Property Dayon the 26th of April, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation a postage stamps issue dedicated to this event.

Established in 1967, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), one of the 15 specialised agencies of the United Nations (UN), has as main responsibilities to develop a world wide intellectual property system able to reward creativity, to boost innovation and to contribute to the economic development.

Conveying a special approach to this theme, Romfilatelia illustrates three female personalities and their inventions on the postage stamps, under the name Women and Inventics.

Stefania Maracineanu (1882-1944), famous in the scientific world as the physicist who discover artificial radioactivity in 1924 is illustrated on the postage stamp with the face value of Lei 1.00. Just found a book about her in Google. Take a look.

Josephine Cochrane (1839-1913), born in the USA - State of Illinois, and illustrated on the postage stamp with the face value of Lei 3.30, was the inventor of the dish-washing machine. More about her here.

The postage stamp with the face value of Lei 9.10 illustrates Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992), pioneer in the field of informatics, who developed the first compiler for a computer programming language and created one of the first modern computer programming languages - COBOL. Read about her.

Great Women, great inventions.

18 March 2013

Crowns of the Kings of Romania

The postage stamps issue “Crowns of the Kings of Romania” reminds to former generations and presents to new ones the symbols of the Romanian royalty on the background of the great events in the history of our people which marked the State Independence and recognition of Romania as a sovereign country and a fundamental piece of the state structure that has still been forming the European community.

We can see on these stamps the Steel Crown of King Carol I, symbol of Independece:

The Crown of Queen Elisabeta 

and the Crown of Queen Maria. 

See specific details about these here.

TitleCrowns of the Kings of Romania
Date of Issue: 28 February 2013
Country: Romania
Denominations: 3L30, 4L30, 14L50

21 February 2013

Sunday Stamps: Astronomy

Just looking around and found this special postcard from Ulrich. So I decided to write this post for Viridian´s Sunday Stamps.

Here the stamp itself, a bit bigger. It´s beautiful. 
The Horse-head Nebula is part of our Milky Way. Though the mist in the form of a horse's head is a deep dark cloud that absorbs all light, you can see it with a telescope - a silhouette in front of the glowing Orion Nebula.

And here the whole set:

A special feature is the tenant of the 55-cent stamps of the solar system in a sheet. The sun and the Milky Way combine both brands. The four special stamps were designed by the graphic artist Hans Werner Schmidt. Year of print 2011. 

Which one do you prefer?