19 August 2011

Sri Lanka odd shape Lokomotive

This post is meant for Viridian´s Sunday Stamps (though it is not Sunday yet) with topic odd shaped stamps. So here we go with my favorite theme, railway stamps:

Viceroy Special Sream Train B1 251

Sri Lanka has issued five stamps this year, including the longest ever stamp of this country, to mark 25 years of service of the Viceroy luxury coal powered steam train. The 123mm long and 30mm wide stamp was issued at the Rambukkana Railway station under the patronage of Post and Telecommunication Minister Jeewan Kumaratunga and Transport Minister Kumara Welgama.

The illustrated stamps are as follows: Viceroy Special Steam Locomotive B8 240, Viceroy Special Locomotive B2 213, Sentinel Camel Steam Rail Car V2 331 and Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive J1 220.

The MS I have received from a friend, Dr. Pulak Barua (many thanks), represents the Viceroy Luxury steam Train, popular charter operation on tracks in Sri Lanka. 

The ‘Viceroy Special’ is a 75 year old locomotive train and the only steam train still in operation in Sri Lanka. The train has two air-conditioned observation saloons furnished in period style, with 64 plush reclining seats and individual adjustable tables and a restaurant car.
The Sri Lankan Railway came into operation during the British Era in the 19th century with the main purpose of transporting commodities, especially tea from the up country plantations. It then expanded to many points in Sri Lanka and passenger transportation. The railway continues to be main transportation way until today.

‘Of the journeys to many parts of the island, passengers experience panoramic picturesque views in their 290 kilometer journey to Badulla. This steam engine ‘Viceroy Special’ was introduced as a unique tourism product 25 years ago to offer the visitors and specially tourists a true experience of a journey of colonial times with a modern and relaxing comfort. ‘Viceroy Special’ is one of the few remain steam locomotives in the world’ said Hemasiri Fernando, the Chariman of JF Tours.
The 'Viceroy Special' has come a long way making a tremendous contribution to Sri Lanka tourism with popular trips to Pinnawala, Kandy, Hill country as well as the west coast to the beach resorts. The steam – hauled train is passenger friendly to stop on request for guests to photograph scenic spots. Some even opt to take a ride in the engine driver’s cabin. 

Would be nice to take a ride.
You can watch above a video about the 25th Aniversary, though it is not in English :)
For Viridian´s theme I couldn´t resist and I had to add two nice covers, one with round-shaped stamps from Russia and one with hexagonal shaped stamps from Switzerland:

Title: Sri Lanka Viceroy Special Lokomotive

Date of Issue: February 2011
Country: Sri Lanka
Source: http://www.slpost.gov.lk
Denominations: 4x5 and 45


  1. The train stamps are lovely but the long one is amazing!

  2. The long train and the hexagonal stamps are the ones that interest me.

  3. Thank you for passing by. Here is a link for a larger view of the bee stamp: http://www.post.ch/en/post-k-mm11-neuerscheinungen1-download/ph-2011-1-honigbiene-85.jpg
    By the way, the Russian stamps also have a flavor, they smell like their illustration (apple, berries, pumpkin).

  4. I would love to ride on that train.

  5. What a great post; I especially like the 25th anniversary stamp.

  6. Great post! Hexagon shaped stamps - a great idea!!! Wo knew about the 'smelly' stamps!

  7. Great stamps, great post! Fine/fain! :)

  8. Sorry but have to say the train in figure 3 is not of the Viceroy Special. The picture is of the locomotive 5197 taken in the UK. It is of a different class S160.